The Resort

A world-class waterfront resort in tropical Malaysia

The Green Leaf enjoys both sea and river frontages. It is
surrounded by more than 90 acres of private and eco-sustainable
mangrove parklands, yet is within easy reach of Kuala Lumpur
and international airports. The resort caters for the changing
needs of retirees, addressing their physical, mental and emotional
well-being through:


  • 24 hour medical clinic with own standby ambulances
  • A Social Recreation Centre with purpose built rooms for arts,
    crafts and other fulfilling interests and activities. The Centre
    will also hold organized events for residents and their visitors
    of all ages
  • Disabled-friendly infrastructure and purpose built interiors
  • Specially designed emergency access to every apartment
  • Spas and healing centres
  • Banquet hall, retail mall with shops, cafes and restaurants


  • A supportive and vibrant community that views family and
    friends as an extension of that community, and welcomes
    them through visitor-friendly amenities and activities.
  • Assisted living, nursing care and complementary healthcare
  • Highly trained, multi-skilled security and emergency personnel
  • A central 24 hour security hub within a gated and guarded
  • A commitment to environmental and social sustainability
    through green development and local community partnerships





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